Cars go well on fossil fuels why change now?

Cars go well on fossil fuels why change now?

Attracting an alternative energy car is quite fascinating. Anytime who would not want to cross around in a vehicle that was not only driven by gasoline diesel or biofuels? What about a hybrid or all electric vehicle? Even better most consumers say and yet our modern cars run quite well on gasoline many of the newer models come up at 40 mpg and also have some pretty decent looks.

A long time ago I discussed this question with a familiar from Sweden and they mentioned me Certainly cars run extremely well on fossil fuel there are no arguments against it.

And every year they become more efficient a part of this is due to consumer demand when fuel prices rise while some of the new ones found efficiency depends on the governments mandate for better MPG ratings. It is quite interesting that the same materials science and the same researcher who now solve the battery problem for electric cars and the challenges for carbon tanks self assembly for fuel tanks cars change glass with material 250 times stronger and 50 times lighter will also increase fuel economy in petrol cars diesel powered trucks tractors airplanes ships and improve efficiency and economy with 2 and 3rds more also make fuel efficient cars more efficient.

If we are looking for efficiency material science utilization will serve the hybrids allelectrics and our current standard vehicles the same. And when it comes to all electric cars do not try to notice it as a new innovation. Did you know that electric cars have been around since 1900? It is true and when it comes to innovations in biofuels guess what?

Biofuels have been around since 1880. The old man Diesel drove its first diesel engines on groundnut oil. Perhaps you can understand why someone who runs a thought tank may get tired of the ignorant rings online on different blogs about alternative energy. None of this is new its the same game that runs over and over again. What needs to happen are those who work in alternative fuel or alternative motor cars for cars must produce something that can compete with fossil fuel dollars for dollars including return on investment. Then we can talk.

My confession asks a very good rhetorical question namely Should we not have done better development in this area during all these years. If we did not have fossil fuels would we really go into the electric direction and now made extreme progress on this field instead?

The fact is that they should and fortunately they are working on new materials now then they will be on the market eventually producing lots lowering the price and then assuming it is possible. It will be a while. In the United States the Chevrolet sold 1 000 Volt Cars 60 000 USD so far Nissan sold 175 Leaf cars. We are kidding ourselves we will sell over 12 million cars in the United States during the first quarter of 2011. Clearly for 3 months they sold 1200 units of these new models and price tags are scandalous.

Its better to buy a 4 cylinder car and you can buy gas for 20 years for the price difference and drive 25000 miles a year. And these electric cars need new 7 year batteries that cost another 10000 USD on the price of a new Chinese car car 2015 in the United States and realize that Tata Motors sells its small Nano Car for 2500 4000 USD.

In fact there was an interesting article in Fortune Magazine in the January 27 2011 issue entitled The Diary of an Electric Commuter. Living with Nissans Charming Sheets is a journey from reach to energy smugness to upload confusion by Sue Calloway. Something said in the article the review was less than flattering especially considering the new Nissan Leaf cost of 33780 USD base price plus the $ 2200 charging installation and there is a cost per mile for electricity that comes to an average of 11 per mile.

Okay maybe its too early to claim victory for innovation or WTF. Winning the future as the Obama administration calls it. For now the hybrids allelectric cars and even those driving the flex fuel well for cost and return they do not even compete with the latest higher fuel costs for gasoline and diesel. I really hope you will thank all this.

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